Sour Dill Pickles

Published on 13 July 2023 at 06:38

Sour Dill Pickles

This is a great recipe and if you can it they will last you until your next cucumber growing season. AND its so so EASY!



Quart jars

1/3 cup canning or pickling salt  ( )

2 1/2 cups distilled white vinegar

2 1/2 cups water

2 Tbs pickling spice

1 Tsp mustard seed

4 garlic cloves (optional)

2 Tbs dried dill (optional)

3 pounds of cucumbers



   Get your water bath canner about 2/3 full of water and put it on a low heat. Prep your cucumbers by washing them well and cut off the stem end to keep them crunchy. Wash and sterilize your jars with hot water.

 Add everything except the cucmbers into a pot and bring to a simmer until all your salt is dissolved. Pack your cucumbers into the jars and pour the brine over leaving a 1/2 inch of head space. Wipe the rims of your jars with water or vinegar and place the lids and rings onto the jars. ( screw on the rings just finger tight) 

  Add your jars into your canner with a splash of vinegar. The water should be 1 to 2 inches above the jars. Once the canner is at a rolling boil set the timer for 15 minutes for quart jars. After the timer goes off turn off the canner and remove from the heat. Wait about 5 minutes and then remove the jars and place them on a kitchen towel. Allow them to cool to room temp before you remove the rings and test the seals.                  ENJOY!


This is an optional step add pickle crisp to your jars to ensure that your pickles will be nice and crunchy after the canning process. Just follow the instructions on the jar.   (

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