My canning journey

I started my canning journey in the summer of 2019. My husband had just started a job with a major traffic control company and I was home with a 5 year old and a 2 year old. The first thing I made and canned was apricot jam made from the apricots of our old tree. From that moment I was SOLD! Since then I have canned a variety of jams and jellies. I've even canned some fruit syrups. (they were meant to be jams but the pectin did not set them.) For my birthday the following year I asked for all things canning related. That meant jars and jars and more jars. I also got a million canning lids and my very first water bath canner. 

 I couldn't get enough of this hobby of mine so I invested in an All American 925 pressure canner in the summer of 2020. I started pressure canning home made pasta sauce, beef and chicken broth, chicken soup, beans, and even potatoes. I still have along way to go in my canning journey. I have so many more things to experiment with. Follow along with me on my journey of canning and making my homestead self sufficient! I look forward to our time together.

"Rebel Canning" Beans the no soak method

   So, the typical method to canning beans is to soak and rehydrate them before the canning process. In my experience that tends to get you some pretty fall apart mushy beans. The no soak method is when you wash the beans put them in a jar, and fill it with water. From there you go straight to the canning process.

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Canning Essentials

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All American Pressure Canner -

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