Summer Gardening

My husband is the one who got me interested in gardening. When we met he had a smell tomato and pepper garden. When we moved we dedicated a pretty big piece of yard to gardening and fenced it in. We have grown peppers, tomatoes, greens, root vegetables, squash, you name it we have tried our hand at growing it. We have learned so many things in our years of gardening and have made plenty of mistakes along the way. We have battled gophers, bugs, plant disease. We have had the wisdom of a seasoned gardener ( my grandmother in law) who has the brightest green thumb! I will be sharing all of the knowledge that has been passed down to us right here on my gardening page so follow along and learn with us! Look for the orange text to get tips from my husband

  Ok so it's the start of 2024 that means talk about planning out garden layout, starting seedlings, and all the fun things that come along with revamping your summer garden for the year! Who's ready to get started?

Startings seeds

  Ok so its time to start your seeds for the summer garden. depending on what zone you live in you will start your seeds super early, right in the middle, or later on. There are 13 zones in the USA, but the continental US only ranges from 3 to 10. I'll be adding a picture and a link to help you find what time is perfect for you to start your seeds.

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Spicy Peppers

 Alright let's talk about some spicy pepper plants. The easiest and fastest spicy pepper to grow is a jalapeno, but it doesn't take a genius to grow peppers if you have the right tools. Hot peppers adapt well to most types of soil. They do the best in well drained soil with organic matter mixed in. You will have better luck getting hotter peppers if you do not over fertilize your plant though.

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Gopher issues

   I'd like to get some feed back on what my readers do when they have gophers that just wont quit. Please leave your comments and lets have a discussion about it. I am currently battling a gopher that has taken down 3 of my squash plants in the past week. So let's talk!

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Organic fertilizers

  • Fish emulsion is a great all purpose fertilizer that can be used in both indoor and out door plants. It increases soil fertility by providing the primary nutrients necessary for plants to thrive. Fish fertilizers offer a source of burn-free nitrogen, along with the other primary nutrients of phosphorus and potassium.
  • Worm castings are a good cheaper option to fertilizing your garden. you can also use worm castings and fish emulsion together. It can also make your soil more absorbent to help make sure your plants have sufficient water.
  • Bone Meal provides phosphorus and calcium to plants, along with a largely inconsequential amount of nitrogen.
  • Blood meal is a powder made from dried animal blood, that is used when high amounts of nitrogen are needed.

Keep the weeds out of your garden with these

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A tip from the Rooster 🐓 

  • If you are growing straight into the ground make sure that you add some of that dirt into your potting mix when you start your seeds, So they are acclimated to that type of soil. It won't be such a shock to them when you transplant into the garden bed.
  • When planting beans directly sow them into the ground. although you could start them in pots they tend to not transplant well.
  • If you top your pepper plant it will grow out bigger and bushier 

My favorite kind of seeds