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Published on 13 June 2023 at 13:01

  Ok so its time to start your seeds for the summer garden. depending on what zone you live in you will start your seeds super early, right in the middle, or later on. There are 13 zones in the USA, but the continental US only ranges from 3 to 10. I'll be adding a picture and a link to help you find what time is perfect for you to start your seeds.



  There are so a few different mediums you can use to start your seeds. I personally use a mix of my own dirt from the garden and potting soil. Some other options are peat moss, perlite, coir, and vermiculite. Whatever medium you decide to use be sure to hydrate it well before adding your seeds to it. Moisture and warmth are the key to germinating your vegetable seeds. 

  My favorite way to make sure that my potting mix is good and ready is to dump it into a large tote and water it well. If you use a tote with a lid you can keep the lid on and it will stay moist for weeks while you go through planting all of your seeds. I don't know about you but it can take me a long time to get all of my seeds planted.

  Once you get your seeds planted in the medium you will need to keep the soil moist. You can do that with a spray bottle or by lightly watering with a hose or watering can. Try your best not to disturb the soil with a heavy water flow. 

  Make sure to label all of your seeds so you do not mix them up. ( I have done this way to many times!) I use whatever I have on hand to label my seeds. You can buy special little signs like these Or just plain old popsicle sticks. 

  Once your seeds have sprouted and grown about 3-4 inches tall you should transplant them into at least a 4 inch pot or if it is time then straight into the ground. Be aware of when your last frost of the year is and wait at least another 2 weeks after that. I learned this lesson the hard way and it was extremely sad to see all my hard work go away with a random frost! 

       Happy Planting from the HotMessHen come back for more garden tips and talks!


Seed starter trays

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