This page is dedicated to all the recipes my family has come to love and all the ones that have been passed down to me through mine and my husbands families. I will also post new recipes as I try them. Most of them are nothing fancy but so delicious! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 


Tried and True sandwich bread recipe

This Bread recipe I found has become my absolute favorite one to use. I have spent years trying different recipes and never liked any of them. (I am quite a bread snob.) This one is so easy and you dont even need any fancy equipment to make it! You just need a few simple ingredients and a bowl. Lets get started.

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Citrus Punch

This punch is great in the spring and summer It's light and refreshing. I use it for birthday parties and back yard BBQ's. My mother made it when I was little and I am just carrying on the tradition. Did I mention it's so so easy!

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Pink Salad

This is a recipe from my side of the family. Its a thanksgiving tradition and it just wouldn't be a thanksgiving dinner without it. 

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